About Us

Mission Statement
Heirloom Evolution transforms lonely heirlooms into modern antiques and encourages consumers to reject the love of having things and replace it with a love for the things they have through a commitment to repurposing and upcycling cherished objects and materials and a commitment to helping handcrafted objects continue their story, rather than ending their story.
Vision Statement
Heirloom Evolution inspires consumers of the disposable to become consumers of the sustainable by challenging them to rethink tradition, reinvest in the things they love, and reimagine their ideas of beauty, value, and character. 


Who Are We?
Heirloom Evolution is a small crafts studio located in New England where a guy named Kevin and gal named Julia like to play around with sharp objects and create pretty things to look at. 

Clocks, Pens, Beer Horn Stands

Kevin is the serious woodworker with over 20 years experience in the workshop. He's the one with the serious talent and eye for detail. Julia is the novice woodworker, the one with a great deal of patience and eye for shiny things. She doesn't like mistakes, but she loves natural imperfections in organic materials.

They both have day jobs, but they each get absurdly excited by things like beautiful planks of exotic wood, a shiny clock face, and making sustainable things for people to enjoy. They also love the idea of up-cycling and transforming antiques that have, perhaps, been loved too well or been damaged by neglect.

Have a question for us? A project that we can help you with? As long as it isn't your math homework, we can probably help you out or (if we can't) point you in the direction of someone who can.

Send us a message at upcycleheirloom@gmail.com