Custom Projects

What is a custom project from Heirloom Evolution? Good question.

Sometimes it's a piece we create (or sometimes recreate) from a damaged antique that can no longer function as it once did - like a dresser drawer that becomes the carcass for a new clock. 

Sometimes it's a piece we create from a random bit of wood, maybe with live edges, that is truly one-of-a-kind and can't be reproduced. 

Sometimes it's a piece from our catalog with a modification requested by a customer: a clock that is 10 inches tall remade to be 8 inches tall or a piece with a special engraving. We can't always customize pieces, but if we can, we're happy to do it. 

Pricing varies on custom orders, but we'll always confirm the price with the customer before it goes into production. Surprises are great, but a shock to the wallet is not. 

Production Time
Production time is sometimes difficult to predict. Some projects may only require a few extra days while others require a few weeks. It all depends on the scope and size of the project. We will always confer with the customer about availability and when they could expect delivery. If there's a hiccup - sometimes wood has a mind of its own - you will be notified immediately and we'll work on a solution to ensure everyone is happy. 

Heirloom Evolution handles its own engraving orders. We do not subcontract engraving orders. A simple engraving will require an additional fee, but it will not require extra time in the production of your item. We will also ask the customer to view and approve of any design *before* it is engraved. Once it is engraved, it can not be changed. 

We want our customers to be happy with their purchase. It's important to know that we've added something beautiful to your world. If you're not happy with any standard order, please do not hesitate to contact us. Returns can be made within 14 days of ordering. Orders that are damaged in transit will be repaired (if possible) or refunded. 

Custom pieces with engraving are a little bit different. Any custom order that is damaged in transit will either be repaired (if possible) or refunded. That's our pledge to you. However, we can not accept returns or provide refunds for custom pieces that have a personalized engraving.