Unboxing HempWood

Today was one of our favorite kind of days at Heirloom – unboxing day!


Today’s bountiful booty came from the folks at HempWood. When we read about their products, about how HempWood’s renewable products are more sustainable, we decided to incorporate it into our materials bank. I highly recommend checking out their website to learn more about their product.

HempWood Blanks

I still love turning with exotic wood, but hemp shares a lot of the qualities I love about exotics: interesting color, rich texture, and versatility. What it offers that other exotics don’t is a solution to the problem of deforestation. It’s 20 times more solid than oak, grows 100 times faster, and requires very little water to grow.

That’s incredible. It's also incredibly smart to incorporate it into our stock. 

To me it looks like two of my favorite woods, Spalted Tamarind and Cork, got together and had a hemp wood baby. That might be another reason it was love at first sight.

We’re still waiting for a couple of other products to arrive before we start turning, but I’m hard at work in the design studio making plans for several new projects! 

Until then, if anyone needs me, I'll just be over here gazing at these gorgeous pieces of wood.

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