Sneak Preview

While it's fun to look at finished products, we thought we'd give you an inside look at one of our pieces that is still under construction, or as we like to call it: fun with drawings and clamps! 

Drawing for Red Log Cabin Clock

Sometimes we fly by the seat of our pants - okay, most of the time we fly by the seat of our pants in the studio - but some clocks take a little bit of planning to get them just right. This particular clock is an homage to all the quilters out there who have been inspiring domestic artists for generations: the storytellers, the textile magicians, and family historians. We're really excited to see this one come to life. 

A combination of Purple Heart, Lacewood, Bocote, and Padauk, the color and grains of these selections are going to create one stunning timepiece. Kevin convinced me to go with a copper clock face and square numeral arrangement to give it a classic, but modern flair. He was right. A round dial face just wouldn't have suited this particular clock. 

Red Log Cabin Clock Under Production

It looks like a scene from Young Frankenstein at the moment, but with a little time and work, we'll soon be exclaiming, "it's alive!" 

Play happy and stay safe out there! 


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