How to Play Yacht Rock!

Be the first player to move four of your passengers into your cabin without causing either end of the boat to touch the table.

Choose one of the four rockers and insert it into the bottom of the game board. The large rockers provide more stability, and smaller ones demand more playing finesse. Each player chooses a color and a cabin. Passengers remain on land (in the storage box) for now.

Roll the die to determine who starts (high number begins).

On your first turn, either add one of your passengers to any open space in the deck area at the center of the board and move them as many spaces as your roll allows or add more of your passengers the number of spaces indicated. Once on board, a passenger must stay on board. (e.g. if you roll a 3, you may board 3 passengers into the deck area)

After your first roll, you may board more passengers or move the ones you've already boarded.

Notes on moving your passengers:
a. You can move forward, backward, or sideways, but not diagonally.
b. You can jump over your opponent’s passenger (or passengers) to move along the board. (This counts as only one move.)
c. You cannot jump over your own passengers.
d. If you roll a 2 or a 3, you can divide your moves among multiple passengers.
e. You cannot move a single passenger more than once during a turn.
f. You must always move the total number of spaces shown on the die, even if this means having to move out of your own cabin.
g. You may not touch the game board at any time or use a passenger to keep the board from moving freely.

The first player who gets four passengers into their cabin without having the game board touch the table wins! However, if you cause either end of the game board to touch the table (even for a split second), it’s a shipwreck, and your opponent wins!

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