How To Play Shut The Box


Be the first player to “shut your box” (i.e. every tile on your side of the box is face down).

Each player selects a side of the game and collects the set of dice to their left.
Each player takes turns rolling the dice one time.
The player who rolls the highest score goes first, then play moves clockwise around the board.

1. Roll the dice.
2. Add up the total number of points represented by the dice. Example: if the player rolls a 2
    and a 4, the player has rolled a 6.
3. The player may then choose to “shut” the 2, the 4, or the 6 tile on their row.
4. Play then moves the player on the right.

Notes on “shutting” your tiles:
1. Each player may only “shut” one tile per play and each player gets 1 roll per turn.
2. After a player rolls their dice, if no tile can be “shut” (e.g. all appropriate tiles have already been “shut”), play passes to the next player.

The first player who gets all 10 tiles “shut” wins!

Variation on the Game
A common variation of the game involves each player continuing to roll the dice as long as they are able to “shut” a tile. Once that player rolls a combination that does not allow them to “shut” a tile, they are finished. Play then passes to the right. After all players have completed their turn, each player adds up the point value represented by their remaining “open” tiles. The player with the lowest number of points wins. In the event of a tie, players will take turns rolling the dice until one of them is able to “shut” a tile, thereby achieving a lower score than their opponent.

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