How To Play Pegs & Jokers

Object of the Game
Each player begins the game with 5 pegs of unique color. The object of the game is to move all 5 pegs clockwise around the board, from your HOME position to your SAFE position.

Pegs & Jokers is a team game that requires an even number of players. Each teammate sits between 2 opponents.

Game Set Up

2 Players
Use 4 boards and 3 decks of cards, NOT including Jokers.

4 Players
Use 4 boards and 3 decks of cards, including Jokers. Each team consists of 2 persons.

6 Players
Use 6 boards and 3 decks of cards, including Jokers. Teams may consist of either 2 or 3 members: 2 teams of 3 players, or 3 teams of 2 players.

8 Players
Use 8 boards and 4 decks of cards, including Jokers. Teams may consist of either 2 or 4 members: 2 teams of 4 players, or 4 teams of 2 players.


How to Move Pieces Along the Board
Players move pegs according to the value of the card they choose to play. In order to move a peg from the HOME position, the player must play a King, Queen, Jack, or Ace. Card values are as follows and may not be divided between pegs unless stated here:

Ace moves forward one hole

2 moves forward two holes

3 moves forward three holes

4 moves forward four holes

5 moves forward five holes

6 moves forward six holes

7 moves forward seven holes, but can be split between two pegs

8 moves backward eight holes

9 moves forward nine holes

10 moves forward ten holes

Jack moves forward ten holes

Queen moves forward ten holes

King moves forward ten holes

Joker is a wild card and replaces any other peg in play with your own peg. If you replace your partners peg, that peg goes to their player’s IN SPOT. If you replace an opponent’s peg, that peg returns to its original HOME position.


Landing on an Another Player’s Peg
If your peg lands on your partner’s peg, your partner’s peg goes to their IN SPOT.

If your peg lands on your opponent’s Peg, your opponent’s peg goes to its original HOME position.


Landing on Your Own Peg
You cannot pass or land on your own peg. You must either play another peg or skip your turn, but if you have a move that you can play, you must play it.

Congratulations – All of Your Pegs Are Safe. Now What?
Each player must play their own pegs until all 5 pegs are SAFE. Once all their pegs are SAFE, that player may help their teammate move their pegs around the board. If you have multiple teammates, you must help the teammate to your left before helping your other teammate.


Safe Position
Once a peg is in SAFE position, it cannot be removed.

When entering the SAFE position, your peg must enter it going forward, by the exact number of holes needed. You cannot move backward into the safe position – your peg must travel around the board again.

Dealing the Cards
Select a dealer.

The dealer gives each player 5 cards.

The player to the left of the dealer draws 1 additional card from the deck, plays a card, and discards the card they just played.

These are the rules for a traditional game of Pegs & Jokers, but you are welcome to create your own variations and card rules. Most important of all: have fun!

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