Heirloom Evolution Launching Heirloom Emporium

After two happy years showing at craft & fairs, we're excited to announce our work will now have a permanent home at Manchaug Mills in Sutton, MA. That's right: we're opening a brick & mortar store filled with our own signature fine crafts, as well as a fine crafts from some of extraordinary artisans we've met over the last few years! 

Heirloom Emporium (that's us!) will celebrate its opening on March 1st in a 2,000 square foot showcase on the 2nd floor of Sutton's Manchaug Mills, but before we do that...we have to get our new space all squared away. Want a sneak peak? 

A mid-size, semi-industrial space with white walls, exposed beams and duct-work. Old support beams reflect the historic quality of the space which was once used as a textile mill. Large windows allow lots of light to enter throughout the space.

The space was once part of the textile factory at Manchaug Mill. We're keeping the support beams in tact because we love the history of this space - but we're losing the carpet and painting the walls to warm the space up a bit. 

A wall featuring three window recesses painted a warm vanilla color (actually called French Pastry).

French Pastry - that's the color we chose for the walls. Hilarity ensued as we navigated how to actually use a paint sprayer - as you can see on the trim around the floor. It's hard work, but so far we love it and even had some belly laughs as we carried out the wretched carpet. 

I'll be back at Heirloom Emporium tomorrow to work on another surprise project - and I'll post more pictures as we make progress toward our goal. 

- Julia

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