Graduation Gift Idea

Did you know according to dream interpretation, a pen represents fortune and sustainability? It’s a symbol of permanence and when given as a gift, it is a wish that its bearer will always have the gift of wisdom and language. It’s more traditional than novelty, but that’s what makes it personal. 

Throughout the year, we're offering a special 2021 ballpoint pen, which can also be paired with a matching 2021 mechanical pencil, designed with graduates in mind. Classic, elegant, and sustainable, it's a gift that celebrates the tradition of milestone heirlooms - pint-sized, personal, and permanent.

The best part? There's no subscription fee. No software updates. No worries about tech bubbles or new technology. 

Our pens are available in a variety of choices; however, we've selected Olive wood and Spalted Tamarind as the Heirloom Evolution 2021 signature materials. 

Olive Wood

Spalted Tamarind

Our graduation ballpoint pens feature a 2021 center band to mark the year and they also come with an additional decorative gold band that can be changed out later if desired. 

Available as a pen, as a mechanical pencil, or as a matching pen & pencil set. 

And because it's graduation and it IS a special milestone, for anyone purchasing a pen & pencil set, we're packaging them together in a beautiful Bethlehem Olive Wood case which can be engraved for a small fee. 


Pen & Pencil set (in your choice of Olive wood or Spalted Tamarind): $129

Pen or Pencil (in your choice of Olive wood or Spalted Tamarind - does not come with case): $69

How to Order
Just send us an email to and let us know what you want to order - or if you have any questions, we're happy to answer them. We'll confirm your order and send you an invoice with a link to process your order.

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