Cutting & Charcuterie Board Maintenance

What To Do & What Not To Do 
(simple advice to keep your boards clean and healthy)

Do List

Do wash your board by hand.

Do use soap and warm water. We recommend Howard’s Cutting Board Cleaner to clean and neutralize odors on well-used cutting and charcuterie boards, plus it is safe to use on any surface that makes contact with food.

Do rinse your board with a wet (warm water) washcloth.

Do wipe excess water from your board with a clean, dry cloth.

Do follow up with a simple coat of Howard Butcher Block Conditioner. This nourishing, food grade conditioner protects your cutting board from scratches.




Do NOT List

Do Not put it in a dishwasher. This is the Golden Rule of board maintenance. The amount of heat and humidity generated by a dishwasher will damage and/or warp your board.

Do Not submerge the board in water as soaking will cause the board to warp over time.

Do Not use any non-food grade polish, wax, or conditioner on your board.

Do Not use bleach on your board. If The Powers That Be insist that you use bleach, ONLY use diluted bleach (1tsp. of bleach mixed in 2 liters of water).




And finally…

DO use your board.  The more you use it, the more you’ll enjoy it. Cooking is about creating something special for your friends and family. Create memories with beautiful and functional tools in your kitchen, then pass them down to the next generation to enjoy.




*Heirloom Evolution is not affiliated with Howard Products, but we have always been happy with the performance of their products and recommend them highly. Find out more about their products and where to purchase them here.


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