Birdseye Maple Box Lantern, Part II

You know how it is when you think about making something and you've thought about 1.1 million possibilities? How you can take at least half of those possibilities from inception to finished product in the span of 15 minutes - in your imagination, that is? Our Birdseye Maple Box Lantern wasn't like that. It came to us fully formed - like Athena sprouting from the brain of Zeus, all shiny and sparkly, fully grown with a sense of purpose. 

Then she immediately disappeared. 

It wasn't that we didn't like Athena and her owl. We love Athena and her owl, but when she showed up, she just didn't look right. She looked quirky, zany, and very...full of pizzazz. 

Which really wasn't what our Birdseye Box Lantern was selling us. It was warm, elegant, and stately. It was sweet and refined. It liked a good joke, but it didn't laugh at dirty limericks. 

The glass we planned on using was far more competitive than we first imagined - beautiful, but competitive. Her blues were the bluest blues I've ever seen with waves of white. Our owls were obviously in deep discussion about their friend who may (perhaps) have a drinking problem. We saw humor and wit, but we didn't see a delicate touch here. We didn't see the same...what would we call it...serenity (eureka!) there that we found in our sweet little hummingbird. 

So, friends, we made a decision. 

Two box lanterns side by side; one with bright blue glass and one with clear textured glass

But do not be sad for our little owls --- we have plans for them!

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