Poetry Workshop: Broadsides

Poetry Workshop: Broadsides

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Join me for a fun morning of wordplay and creative art as we make handmade poetry broadsides!

What is a broadside?
The simplest answer, a print of poem with an image incorporated on the page.  The image typically represents or alludes to an image in the poem; however, some images may be more abstract and reflect the overall tone of the poem. 

What will we be doing?
That's a great question! First, we'll read a few examples of short poems and selections from Japanese Haiku masters and other American poets. Second, we'll play a few word games so we can begin thinking outside of the box. Third, you'll spend a few minutes working on your own poem. 

Poems will then be printed (by hand, by you) on a sheet of handmade cotton paper (your broadside). Then you'll have the opportunity to play around with watercolors and acrylics to come up with a design for your poem. We'll have scrap paper for you to practice on before you work on your broadside. 

We'll also have an option to have your broadside framed (at additional cost) by our resident woodworker.

That's it! The day is designed to be fun, creative, and maybe even a little bit informative about how short poems work. 

The most important thing to remember: you do not have to be a poet to attend this event! 

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